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My name is Deborah Jean (Brock) Arnold and I am a mixed media artist. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to make art.  It is in the process of creating that I feel most connected to the moment, to memories and to a sense of place. Art allows me to explore the elements of a specific time, place and memory as it was experienced thru the five senses, recorded in personal diaries and inspired by collected objects.    

Sharing my love for making art lead me to a career teaching in private schools for over 22 years.  I have enjoyed teaching students in grades 6-12 and working with adults of all ages. Since my own work is not limited to exploring just one medium, I am well versed in multiple disciplines. I have worked extensively with AP students and those developing art portfolios for college. 

Having moved to Massachusetts in May of 2021, I am excited to now offer classes in the greater Boston area.

I am available for group, private, online instruction and in conjunction with home-school programs. 

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